ISM Department

The Safety and Quality Department is established as a separate structural division of the Company in 1999. It functions in compliance with the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code). ISM Code means the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention as adopted and implemented by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The Code became mandatory for all cargo ships, engaged in international voyages, of 500 gross tonnage and over on 01.07.2002.

The head of the Safety and Quality Division is appointed by the Fleet manager and is called “designated person”. The purpose and tasks of the Division are to ensure the functioning and keeping of the safety management system (SMS) in accordance with ISM Code and thereby safe operation of ships and safe working conditions for the shipboard personnel, protection from all identified risks, steady improvement of shore based and shipboard personnel’s skills in safety management, including preparedness for emergency situations relating both to safety and pollution prevention. The Company SMS was approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) in November 2000 and by the International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB) in May 2002. It subjects to corrections and constant improvement.

The proper functioning of the safety management system is regulated by a complex of procedures and Company manuals. General safety system procedures are rested on the main provisions of the ISM Code. The Safety and Quality Department is responsible for the correct application of these provisions, principles of documenting the system, approaches to non-conformities, internal audits and reviews (analyses) of the management, control of emergency service, organization of external audit and for the safety policy awareness by the shipboard and shore based personnel.

The designated person:

    • organizes and co-ordinates the Company Safety Management System activity;
    • implements conduct of this system including keeping international, national and issued by the Company normative legal documents on safety and pollution prevention;
    • maintains a constant link with ships, monitors their safety and renders them all kinds of assistance required for ensuring safe operation and pollution prevention;
    • has direct access to the Company’s highest level of management and is provided with resources and shore support for fulfilment of his official duties.