Registration and Classification

Registration services

In our operations we continuously correspond with flag states with regards of registration matters and have a long-time experience and knowledge on the procedures and requirements. We can offer a full range of ship registration services with any flag, which can include the following:

    • Ship registration
    • Pleasure Yacht registration
    • Incorporating
    • Registration of Mortgage
    • Change the vessel's name
    • Change of ownership
    • Bareboat registration (in)
    • Bareboat registration (out)
    • Issuance of Endorsements of recognition of certificate of competency for ship officers as required by STCW 78/95
    • Concluding agreements with Radio Accounting Authorities as required by the ITU Radio Regulations, in order for the registration of the vessel to be completed

For inquiries on the above and other registration related matters please contact Atanas Vassilev.

    • Classification services

      The company handles all matters related to the class and statutory surveys of the ships under its management, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, preparation and completion of class and statutory surveys within the required periods and with minimum recommendations or deficiencies. We maintain an excellent record with regards of deficiencies found to be in place either by the classification societies of by port authorities. The big number of ships, for which the company is responsible and the numerous surveys or inspections carried out on a regular basis by various supervising bodies have helped accumulate a unique expertise in this field, which enables us to extend our knowledge to any party which would consider addressing us with a request for consultation or advise. Vassilev Maritime Nakliyat ve Dis Ticaret Limited Sti. enjoys a good reputation among the classification societies responsible for the supervision of our vessels. The vessels, managed by our company are classed with the following societies:

      • -          Russian Maritime Register of Shipping providing class and statutory supervision over 28 ships
      • -          Russian River Register providing class supervision combined with statutory supervision from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping over 3 ships
      • -          International Naval Surveys Bureau. Providing class and statutory supervision over 3 ships


      Knowing in detail all the aspects of classification and the advantages of each classification society which we have worked with, we suggest you to consider using the services of Vassilev Maritime, if you are about to forego any of the processes listed below, and need a competent advice or overall handling of the classification process from commencement to completion. We will handle your case with knowledge and experience and will provide you with solutions, designed to minimise your costs and make the most for your as regards your vessel’(s’) class and survey status. You may find us useful on many class-related matters, some of which include:

    • Preparation for mandatory surveys, which are due (class or statutory surveys, ISM or ISPS certification).

      An expert will board your vessel and check the overall condition, specific items, which are subject to inspection during surveys, documentation, operation of the safety management system, ship security etc. and will provide you with recommended measures to be taken, which will give you stretch of time to deal with the deficiencies as seem fit and prioritise your costs, while the time and money spent on the mandatory surveys will be minimised due to the higher preparedness of ship and crew.

    • Making a decision on the choice of a classification society.

      Factors such as costs, reputation, range of services and geographical coverage will be considered. We will present you with several tailor-made choices to address the specific aspects of each case, such as:
      • Age and technical condition of the vessel
      • Trading area
      • Charterers’ and Insurance companies’ requirements regarding the vessel’s class
      • The vessel’s flag

      Our experience shows that the choice of a classification society is a part of the investment-planning process and as a ship-owner or ship-manager you will prefer to ensure a quick return on your investment, which can be achieved by way of cooperation with our Classification Department,

    • Disputes with class surveyors or port/flag state control officers.

      The shipping legislation has become so bulky and so complicated in terms of application that it is not an exception whereby requirements, which do not apply to the particular ship are placed in survey or port state control reports, (the age and type of the ship and status of the relevant instrument are of essence). The masters, and often the ship-owners find it more and more difficult to cope with all the new regulations, and very often choose to simply proceed to verification of the remarks (by way of purchasing required stores, carrying out repairs etc.), while on occasions like these, time and money can be saved through the intervention of our company, which will evaluate the relevancy of the remarks imposed and without losing time will propose you a course of action which will minimise the delay of the vessel and your costs for verification of the remarks.
    • Port State Control

      Our vast experience in dealing with port state control inspections enables us to maintain a good port state control record thanks to a very good technical condition maintained on our ships notwithstanding their relatively old age. This is a good attestation that the maintenance standards implemented by our company are sufficiently high and satisfy the requirements of the inspecting bodies. Our experience and expertise in the field of the international regulations enable us to defend the ships in the events of disputes with the inspecting bodies and our objections based on the current provisions of the relevant international norms are often accepted by the Ports State Control Officers. We believe that in cases of disputes with the port authorities we can support the case of our clients’ and help downgrade or cancel imposed deficiencies based on the relevant international regulations applicable to the ship inspected.

       We believe that we can be of service and look forward to being contacted with your inquires.

       Department Manager: Mr. Atanas Vassilev e-mail: