Ship Management

Our main business is ship management. We operate a total 25 river-sea going vessel with carrying capacity of about 4800 tons each round the year. During the summer period extra 27 river vessels are added to our management portfolio and our management fleet reaches 52 vessels altogether.

Vassilev Maritime Company Organizational Chart:

Company Organizational Chart

In order to successfully perform our duties we developed the following fully structured departments:

In order to provide our principals with high-end performance our company facilitates all IT solutions available at present time. Our office is maintaining 24 hours 7 day per week response readiness which guarantees efficient and cost effective management.

As our main business activities are directed to Russia where the vessels under our management load or discharge their cargoes, the office personnel is convenient in Russian and English languages. The management interoffice education program ensures standardization and unification in all units of the management system.